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Centralized monitoring

Do you have several generators located at ā€˜nā€™ number of sites? Monitoring the performance of each of those generators sure poses a problem. Terasys IoT enables monitoring of several generators located at multiple sites using a single dedicated dashboard. The performance parameters of each of those generators can be individually tracked and analyzed using a single reporting system.

Real Time Alerting

It is not feasible to have a person commissioned at the DG site 24/7. With Terasys monitoring solution, alarms are raised when anomalies get detected. These alerts are communicated via E - mails and text messages and enables quick restoration.

Diesel Monitoring and Pilferage Detection

At least 10% of diesel used gets leaked and this sets back the revenue at a major level. Another considerable hurdle is pilferage of diesel. Fake bills get generated adding to the operating cost. In order to avoid these impediments, the DG monitoring solution offers continuous monitoring of fuel level and raises alarms if abnormalities get reported.

Automated Scheduling

The On and off schedule of DG can be automated and monitored, to avoid unwarranted use of diesel. Additionally, optimum fuel level and status is tracked. This could avoid sudden stalling of the DG due to insufficient fuel. This is a major virtue in those cases where the DG is located at a remote site.


Generators installed at remote sites need a person stationed at the site for security. With Terasys monitoring system in place, the enclosure can be guarded from unauthorized intrusion or any sort of external threat, 24/7. Sensors put into the system help monitor the movement of the canopy door and movements inside the enclosure thereby sending alerts when something unusual occurs.
Monitoring your diesel generator the Terasys way

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