Transform your operations

We help to transform operations in
field service and asset management.
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What do we deliver?

Terasys is helping strategic partners (genset vendors) to improve their
after-sales support operations by allowing visibility to
machines at customer sites.
Embedded systems and software engineering.
sensor (MEMS) design and solution development.
Micro controller unit design and solution development.
Turnkey 3rd party IoT product design IoT solutions

Predictive Maintenance
and Service Solutions.

We help to prevent or minimize machine failures and its unplanned
consequences (costly repair or replacement expenses
& system downtime which in turn translates to huge
financial losses or eroding brand confidence)


IoT Solutions

Throughout the years, we have gained a proven experience
in delivering ambitious mobile and web projects
across different industry domains.
Efficient software development for innovative products
Firmware is code that runs on the device and is intended to control a life cycle of the hardware platform and its components, perform initial data processing, and communicate with cloud as well as other devices and systems.
Back-end/Cloud & API
Bring more functionality, gather and analyse data either by using custom cloud or connecting the device to BAAS/PAAS.
Mobile apps
Develop a native mobile app (iOS/Android) to set up and manage the device, and use it to explore data and notifications.

Connecting devices & systems

Add more value to your business by connecting the IoT devices to other devices, mobile, IFTTT, cloud/API or legacy systems.

Web Development

Terasys can develop web sites and a broad range of web-based systems.
We have many years experience in everything from CSS markup
to complex large-scale systems, and hundreds of happy customers.
Drupal Development
Rapid development
Affordable cost
Simple to use and maintain but very powerful
Manage and process data
Communication channels between the web and mobile
Lets you grow to thousands of users

Mobile Application Development & Porting

Terasys can support you in making an impact in the mobile app market.
We work with clients who have an initial idea through to those
with a detailed specification or existing product to be ported or updated,
ensuring their projects are successful.
Native iOS and Android Apps
High performance, slick apps
Multiple ways to monetise your app
Easy integration with handset functionalities
Powerful HTML5 technology that is growing rapidly
Works on multiple platforms
Cheapest cross-platform solution

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